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Only Human

Do you ever think about it?

About all the times there was a way in, just not a way out

When iffy emotions followed drunken road maps

When the color of satisfaction was black.

There were options, thousands of them

just not a clear choice

When it was all a see-saw, lacking pointless poise.

I know you do, 'cause we're only human

Lacking enough will to accept it

We're running in circles

trying to find doors to open.


Doors to places, far far away

Demanding anxieties to change;

Talking hell and heaven

While writing sins for the next day.

You should think about it.

About all the mysterious whims

This air isn't good enough to fulfill.

About desires your heart doesn't speak out loud

About sins you wish you could commit

About the words you wish shouldn't exist

About new voices in your head.

After all,

You are only human

Its the only superpower you have.

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