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A digital collage of a philosopher

About Us

'Is Existentialism more than just a Bojack Horseman episode. What would Berkley have felt about everything is cake? Would Sima Auntie be a useful asset in Plato's Republic? -- yes this is clickbait, no this doesn't make us any less serious. 


The Philosophy Project seeks to create a community that revives and refines an interest in Philosophy. We operate primarily as a study circle and discussion group hoping to discuss philosophical works ranging from traditional western and Greek thinkers to political philosophers and ethicists who talked about everything from enlightenment and democracy to utilitarianism, humanism and feminism.

The aim is to create a group of philosophy enthusiasts that challenge each other to think better and do better. People from all disciplines are welcome so long as they are active, disciplined and engaging.

Meet The Team

Our editor- Gauri S Kumar

Gauri S Kumar


Our founder and editor- Naina Bhargava

Naina Bhargava

Founder & Editor

Shreya Sharma

Art Director


Website Designer

Our Art Director and Website designer- Shreya Sharma
Our Media and communication head- Savvi Singhal

Savvi Singhal

Media and Communication Head

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