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Online Lecture Series cum Certificate Course on Feminist Philosophy

Feminist philosophy is a very distinctive field of philosophy that applies to and critiques all areas of philosophical inquiry. It has moved beyond its original insight that gendered power profoundly colors the methods and substance of philosophy. Today, feminist philosophers construct work that builds on the understanding of power, privilege, and oppression and the complex relationship these share with gender, race, sexuality, class/caste, capacity, nation, age, and colonialism.
In this lecture series, we will evaluate the rise and trajectory of the feminist movement and explicate key concepts within feminist discourse- from analyzing the work of feminists in the history of philosophy to the relation of feminism to topics such as pragmatism, epistemology, political philosophy, aesthetics, and phenomenology. This course will be an excellent resource for those who wish to explore how feminist philosophy is transforming the very nature of the philosophical inquiry. 

Duration of the Course- April 2021 - August 2021




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